Frequently Asked Questions.

 Q: Can I paint glow in the dark on to a black background?

 A: You can. But the glow will be much weaker that on a light or white background. It is far better to paint on to a white background to get the brightest glow as this will reflect back off the white. The best way is to paint a white template first and then over paint with the glow in the dark paint. For example if you want a space ship. Paint that in white first. Let it dry. Then over paint the spaceship design with the glow paint.

 Q: Can I paint my car with glow in the dark?

 A: This is not recommended. The paint will glow at it's brightest once well charged for up to 20 minutes depending on the colour. But after that it will settle to a duller glow that can only really be seen in total darkness. Therefore you could see the glow in your garage with all the lights off. But on the street with street lighting and moon light you would probably not be able to tell it was glowing (even though it is).

 Q: Other sellers claim their paints glow for 8 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours. Why do you not say how long your paint glows for?

 A: Suppliers paints may glow for 15 hours plus. However over time this gets weaker and towards the 8+ time whilst it is still glowing you would probably not see it with the human eye. After the initial high glow period (which depends on the colour) most will settle to a duller glow that can be seen for many hours but in total darkness. I do not want to make claims that mislead my customers in to thinking they glow at the full brightness for a stated number of hours, as many conditions (including charge method, charge time and amount of ambient light) effect this period.

 Q: Can I paint my body, skin, hair, face, nails with the paint?

 A: Not with the paints that do not specifically state they are intended for such use. All other paints are permanent and should NOT be used on body areas as you will find it very difficult to remove and could cause injury to the person.

 Q: Can I use the paint in an airbrush?

 A: The paints are not specifically designed for this use. You may be able to use some to do this. You will however have to experiment to see if it will work with your equipment and we give no guarantee that it will. You do so entirely at your own risk.

 Q:How do I take a photograph of my glowing item ?

 A: t is quite difficult to take pictures of glow in the dark and we find some cameras work considerable better than others. Some mobile phone cameras seem to work very well.

Place the object on a black surface in a room with covered windows and closed door. Charge the item up with either a UV blacklight bulb or torch for 60 seconds.

You will be working in the dark so not easy to frame the picture so set up where the camera and item is before you charge the glow in the dark and turn the lights off.

Turn out the lights so it is totally dark.

Then take the picture with a digital camera resting on a hard surface (not held in the hand as that can easily make blurred pictures). Ensure the flash is turned off on the camera.

Take many shots and check on the computer which has come out best afterwards.

 Q: How much paint do I need (paint coverage)?

 A: The amount of paint required would depend on the thickness applied.

It is usually better to apply two of more thinner coats than one thick coat as this reduces running.

The paint should also be painted over a suitable white primer to get the best glow and ensure the paint attaches well to the surface.

 A 30ml pot of Paint will cover an area approximately the size of an A4 piece of paper.

A 60ml pot of Paint will cover an area approximately the size of an A3 piece of paper.

A 120ml pot of Paint will cover an area approximately the size of an A2 piece of paper.

A 250ml pot of Paint will cover an area approximately 1 - 2 Square meter

A 500ml pot of Paint will cover an area approximately 2 - 4 Square meters 

A 1lt pot of Paint will cover an area approximately 4 - 8 Square meters

 Q: Can I paint a varnish over the top?

 A: You can over coat the final job with a thin layer of clear acrylic lacquer once dry, such as used on cars and can be bought in cans from car shops such as Halfords. This gives a hard wearing final surface and protects the paint. Car lacquer specifically including a UV filter should be avoided as this reduces the amount of light charging the paint. We also have our specific top coat varnishes.

 Q: Can I use glow in the dark paint in my garden \ outside at night?

 A: We do not recommend this as a good use of glow in the dark products.

Once well charged glow in the dark items will glow at their strongest for around 5 to 20 minutes depending on the colour (green and aqua work best).

After this initial bright period they then settle to a duller glow that can last many hours, again depending on the colour.

However this glow needs to be seen in total darkness. You would not notice the glow for example in normal ambient outside light such as street lighting, vehicle lights, external house lights or even strong moonlight.

Glow in the dark items do not glow as strong as torches, light bulbs or LED lighting does outdoors after the initial short bright period.

Therefore as daylight turns to dark slowly the brightest glow period will have finished and you would probably not be able to see the glow as it will not be totally dark quick enough.

Although you could quick charge the area with a UV blacklight to see the glow.

 Q: What is your VAT number?

 A: We are no longer a VAT registered company.


If you have a question not answered above please contact us by email at kilabitzzz@kilabitzzz.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.