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Cglowz Glow in the dark paint. Day and Night coloured

Cglowz Glow in the dark paint. Day and Night coloured

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Glow In The Dark Paint, Candy Neon coloured in daylight, Fluorescent coloured in UV blacklight. Glows in the dark after charging with light.

This paint has been especially formulated to be very easy to use and with the brightest glow.

It has built-in thixotropic viscosity qualities. Which means this paint does not need an agitator and does not need vigorous mixing or shaking prior to use. Just open the jar and paint.

Giving a superior super-bright glow in the dark and UV blacklighting, but also candy neon coloured in daylight.

Bright glow in the dark colour once charged with light.

Select your colour from:

Red (glows Orange in the dark)
Orange (glows Yellow Orange in the dark)
Tangerine (glows Yellow in the dark)
Yellow (glows Green in the dark)
Green (glows Green in the dark)
Blue (glows Cyan Aqua Blue in the dark)
Pink (glows Orange Pink in the dark)
Purple (glows Mushroom White in the dark)

This Zuper base medium is acrylic water based. Once dry it is water resistant. Until dry can easily be removed with soap and warm water.

 What can it be painted on?
  • - Denim, T-shirts and other clothes (must only gentle hand wash after painted though as not a true fabric paint)
  • - Shoes
  • - Trainers
  • - paper
  • - walls
  • - ceilings
  • - Card
  • - Plastic (with suitable primer)
  • - Wood
  • - Metal (with suitable primer)
  • - Glass (with suitable primer)
  • - A surface that you want to permanently paint
  • - Great for painting children's walls and ceilings that glow in the dark but can be seen in the day.
  • - Many other surfaces as long as they are clean, dry and free from grease (primer may be required on some surfaces).
 What should it NOT be painted on ?
  • - Hair
  • - Skin
  • - Toe Nails
  • - Finger nails
  • - Anything you do not want it permanently attached to

No Heat \ No Radiation \

Can be charged and the glow seen almost an unlimited

amount of times over more than 10 years.

For the best glow you may need to paint two or more layers of the paint.

The glow will charge up with natural sun light, from electric light bulbs or best with blacklight (UV) \ sunlight.


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