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Colour Changing Photochromic Solar Paint

Colour Changing Photochromic Solar Paint

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Our exclusive colour changing paint.

Indoors and in standard lighting the paint is almost invisible.

But then go in to bright sun light and within seconds the paint changes to a strong colour.

Go back out of the sunlight and the colour vanishes again.

Can be repeated over and over again almost indefinitely.

This product is designed to use natural sunlight for optimal colour change, rather than UV bulbs or LEDs, which do not typically have the same wavelength as sunlight. Sunlight intensity affects the intensity of the colour change.

It uses our own acrylic paint base medium.

This is a low Voc, non-toxic, water based paint which remains flexible once dry, can be painted on many surfaces including textiles.

It can easily be washed off with soap and water until dried. Once dry is permanent and water resistant.

Please select you colour from the choice of
   - Purple,
   - Pink,
   - Blue (which has a slight green tint in standard light),
   - Orange,
   - Yellow.
What can it be painted on?
        - Paper
        - Card
        - Plastic (with suitable primer)
        - Wood
        - Metal (with suitable primer)
        - Glass (with suitable primer)
        - Fabric
        - Shoes
        - Trainers
        - Walls
        - Ceilings
        - A surface that you want to permanently paint
        - Many other surfaces as long as they are clean, dry and free from grease (primer may be required on some surfaces).

What should it not be painted on?
        - Hair
        - Skin
        - Toe Nails
        - Finger nails
        - Anything you do not want it permanently attached to

Non-Toxic / No heat / No radiation
When using as a fabric paint it should be heat fixed. This is easily carried out with a household iron or hairdryer (instructions provided). Can then be washed by hand or in a washing machine up to 40c. 

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