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Fluorescent Acrylic paint 8 colour choice

Fluorescent Acrylic paint 8 colour choice

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Acrylic paint has been used for hundreds of years in schools and by artists worldwide. It dries to a tougher finish that is water resistant yet can easily be washed off with soap and water before drying. It is non-toxic, low VOC and low odour so ideal for use by children. This is our standard version, we also have a premium acrylic version which is our Sirius range.

Paint light or dark items using a paint brush, sponge or over stencils.
Can also be thinned out with water to run smoother / thinner if required.

Mix different colours to create your own new colours.

Note: in this colour white is a caramel brown white colour, see the photo.

In daylight the paint is a bright neon colour, but, WOW under blacklight (Ultraviolet), like the ones at raves, discos, parties Etc. and the paint comes to life with a bright glow.

The paint is intended for use on card, paper, wood, cloth, some plastic surfaces, some painted surfaces. Most dry and clean surfaces can take this paint. However some may require white primer first to grip well (in any case it is always best to paint fluorescent paint over a white background to get the most brightness). If you are not sure please ask.

Not intended for use on nails, skin or hair. We have other products to use for that. Please check in our Ebay shop.

This Zuperpaint is Acrylic water based. It is quick drying, depending on the surface and temperature, this can be as quick as half an hour. Until dry can be removed with simple soap and warm water. Can be over-coated if necessary with clear lacquer to create a very hard wearing finish.

Please note that this is not intended as a full fabric paint (see our fabric paint for that), but can successfully be used on item that are not going to come in contact with more than light amounts of water.

This is not glow in the dark paint. It glows when UV blacklight is on it.

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