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Fluorescent UV Blacklight Paint

Fluorescent UV Blacklight Paint

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This is not normal poster paint or acrylic paint that can be bought on-line, on ebay or in craft shops. This is our own special formula Polyurethane combination paint. Giving a more durable, tougher and bright paint.

Create coloured designs on both light and dark surfaces using a brush, sponge, or stencils. For optimal results, use a white background.

May be thinned with water, reducing opacity and increasing translucence (amount of water impacts hue and brightness).

Mix a small amount of different colours to create your own new colours.
View under black light (Ultraviolet), like the ones at raves, discos, parties and similar, and the paint comes to life with a bright glow.

What can it be painted on?
    - Paper
    - Card
    - Wood
    - Brick
    - Metal
    - Some plastics
    - Walls
    - Denim, T-shirts and other clothes
    - Canvas Shoes
    - A surface that you want to permanently paint
    - Many other surfaces as long as they are dry and free from grease and loose material (just test on a small area 24 hours before applying in full).

What should it not be painted on?
    - Hair
    - Skin
    - Toe Nails
    - Finger nails
    - Anything you do not want it permanently attached to

Zuper paint is a water-based product, which dries and becomes water-resistant. Thus, while wet, it can be removed with a mild soap and warm water; however, when dry it is not easily removable.

Non-toxic and non-radioactive.

Most competitors supply UV paints in the form of a water-powder mix or Acrylic paint. Our superior formula is neither - it's more resilient and resistant to water after drying, creating a durable finish.

Please note that this is not intended as a full fabric paint (see my other auctions for that).

Please note this is not glow in the dark paint - see my other items for that.  It has a strong colour in daylight, but really comes to life glowing with Ultraviolet Blacklight.

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