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Gloss / Satin crafting clear exterior use yacht varnish

Gloss / Satin crafting clear exterior use yacht varnish

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After the success of our own high quality acrylic varnish for internal use we had many buyers ask for a varnish for external use.

So we now introduce our yacht type varnish that can be used for exterior and internal use.

Great for use over your craft items. Use over (but not limited to) Fimo and other polymer clays, Paper, Card, Wood, Acrylic paints (including our glow in the dark and fluorescent), Plaster of Paris,  Stone, Cork, Dried clay, and many more. Ensure item is fully dried before applying varnish.

Non yellowing, Non Toxic, 
Solvent borne varnish (can be thinned with white spirit if required). Hard wearing. Clear finish. Wash brushes or hands etc with white spirit or similar brush cleaners before dried.

Always carry out a suitability test to ensure compatibility and suitability for your needs on a small test area prior to completing your full project. We recommend leaving the tested area to dry for 24 hours before proceeding with full project to assess results.

Hard dry within 12 hours.

For exterior or interior use.

Apply in a well ventilated location. Do not apply below 10c, in damp conditions or where rain is imminent.

Maximum VOC 395g/l

If you require more specific safety and use details please contact us for further information.

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