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Glow in the dark paint. Not day coloured

Glow in the dark paint. Not day coloured

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The paint appears light pastel white in daylight, then a bright glow in the selected colour in the dark after charged with light.

This is our own developed formula that is made in the UK by us.

We use the highest quality pigments. We have the brightest colours and the strongest glow paints available. Made with our own exclusive base paint acrylic formula.

Select your glowing colour from: (important see the chart in this advert for relevant glow time comparison as different colours have different amounts of glow)
  • Red *
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Lightning Bright Star  This is a new colour we have developed and is exclusive to us. It has a strong glow and our longest glow time. It is not as deep a coloured green glow as our green. Being more midway between green and aqua blue. It also glows white whilst in UV blacklight (which is not common for the usual green or aqua glow in the dark paints). Also more of a white colour in daylight than the green is. We developed this specifically for use for star ceiling and similar rather than the standard green or aqua traditionally used. But could be used for many other projects. 2nd gen strontium aluminate based.
  • Aqua
  • Blue
  • Violet *
  • White
  • Pink (new colour)
  • ZZ3 Green (larger particle size, more grainy paint finish)
  • ZZ4 Aqua (larger particle size, more grainy paint finish)
  • Zinc Green. This is old school glow in the dark paint. The original earlier type for making glow in the dark. It has a lower brightness glow and short glow times compared to the second generation Strontium version. But charges quicker.
  • Nine colour set Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Pink, Violet, and white

Please note different colours in glow in the dark have different glow times and brightness.

Kilabitzzz Glow in the dark chart


* The Violet and Red in the world of glow in the dark have a short amount of glow time and need a good charge of light to produce the glow. They are a more specialist colour and this aspect should be taken in to account before purchase for your project. But they do produce a beautiful colour.

We do not recommend glow in the dark products for use outside as they do not produce a good result in most cases, due to other ambient light (moonlight, street light, housing lights, vehicle lights etc) and not getting totally dark.This applies to glow in the dark products from any supplier.

This is our standard craft grade glow in the dark paint. We do not recommend it for use making watch or clock hands glow. We have a specific product for such use.

The Zuper base varnish is acrylic water based. it has a thin custard type consistency. This helps ensure a good depth of glow pigment when paining. It should not be painted too thin or it will reduce glow capabilities. Once dry it is water resistant. Until dry can be removed with soap and warm water.

What can it be painted on (paint over a white background) ?

- Denim, T-shirts and other clothes (must only gentle hand wash after painted though)
- Shoes
- Trainers
- Card
- Paper
- Plastic

- Wood
- Metal
- Glass
- A surface that you want to permanently paint
- Many other surfaces as long as they are clean, dry and free from grease.

 What should it not be painted on?
- Hair
- Skin
- Toe Nails
- Finger nails
- Anything you do not want it permanently attached to

Non Toxic - No Radiation - Can be charged over and over again for years.

The glow will charge up with natural day light, from electric light bulbs or black (UV) light (which works the best).

Paint over a white background.

If you require a version that also has colour in daylight please see our Cglowz range


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