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Glow In The Dark Watch Clock Hands Re-Lume paint

Glow In The Dark Watch Clock Hands Re-Lume paint

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We have received numerous requests for a luminous paint that can be used to light up watch and clock hands. To meet these demands, we formulated this kit.

The item for sale here is a kit containing everything to paint Glow-In-The-Dark watch or clock hands and face features. Appears pastel light green in day light, then bright Glowing in the dark once charged with light.

Unlike others selling a coarse 15 or even 35 micron (commonly used for children's paints) glow in the dark powder this kit uses a super fine 5 micron particle size. This allows for a much smoother paint with a super bright and long lasting glow. Once well charged the paint can be seen glowing in total darkness for more than 10 hours.

The kit contains one resealable foil bag of super fine bright glow in the dark pigment powder 10g. A 30ml bottle of our exclusive formula acrylic matt binder liquid. A mini mixing pot, mixing sticks,  quality paint brush, micro paint brush and simple instructions.

Simply put the powder in the mixing pot first, to about a third full. Then add the binder liquid to fill the rest of the pot and mix to a smooth paste paint, Apply with the paint brush. Enough supplies in this kit to do this numerous times for watches.

As the paint is water based once one job has been done all items can be washed with warm water ready for use again next time.

    Once dry it is permanent and waterproof.
    Non-Toxic. Non-Radioactive.
    Can be charged an almost unlimited amount of times and will last for many years.

Select from

- green (brightest glow).

- Aqua (second brightest).

- White (lower glow level).

- Base on it's own with no powder or brushes etc
The glow will charge up with natural day light, from electric light bulbs or black (UV) light. Super Phos phosphorescent glow in the dark pigments that produce the strongest and longest lasting glow.

*Watch face photos created by Paul Dennington using our green lume powder.
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