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Glowing fluorescent dye. Liquid: Neon UV Blacklight Reactive Concentrate

Glowing fluorescent dye. Liquid: Neon UV Blacklight Reactive Concentrate

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Special reactive liquid glows a BRIGHT neon colour in the dark with a Ultraviolet blacklight on it!

The item for sale here is a concentrated Ultraviolet Dye.

A little goes a long way - only a few drops required. 2ml size is enough to make at least a litre of UV reactive liquid.

We also now sell a larger sizes.

Just add a few drops to standard tap water to make coloured water that glows under UV lighting.

Then you can use it in water features (not suitable for use with fish or any other living creatures).

Put different colours in to your display bottles or clear containers, etc,  then light with a UV blacklight tube to create a fancy display.

Have fun experimenting with UV light and reactive liquids.
Non toxic. Non radioactive.

About this liquid:

This is professional grade ultraviolet/blacklight reactive liquid.

The glow colour is permanent-no need to re-mix or shake after the initial mixture.

This is the brightest, highest-quality glowing mixture!

The liquid glows a radiant neon colour in a dark room with a UV black light.

This liquid is often used to fill decorative bottles, such as spirit bottles for a home or bar setting.
Your choice of glowing colours!
        - GREEN/YELLOW (starts yellow add more drops and it goes more of a green)
        - BLUE
        - CLEAR CLOUD BLUE (Clear in daylight but, aqua blue in UV light)
        - PINK/RED (starts pink add more drops and it goes more red)
        - ORANGE
The Green/Yellow and Pink/Red are the strongest glowing colours, followed by orange, then blue, purple.

The clear cloud is the least effective.

Liquid is shipped in concentrated form in a syringe or bottle depending on the size ordered for your convenience. Simply add water to make larger volume.
This auction is for the liquid only, bottles pictured are to show example usages only.

They work best with the mains powered UV blacklights, such as the low energy bulb type or UV blacklight strip lights.

 Not suitable as a permanent fabric dye.

 Not suitable for inkjet printers as it can clog / damage the heads. 

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