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n-Go keyboard raiser feet

n-Go keyboard raiser feet

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A pair of feet to raise the back of the n-Go (ZX-Spectrum Next clone) keyboard (approximately 23mm).


I find typing on the keyboard on the n-Go a bit of a strain when it lies flat. So I created these feet to raise the back.

The feet on the n-Go fit into the slots on the top of the raisers. Meaning you do not need to physically attach or glue then to your n-Go. So they can be removed at any time if required. *

The raisers have anti-skid bottoms so your n-Go will not slide around your desk. Each foot approximately 65mm x 28mm x 25mm.

To the left of the foot is also a slot that you can keep an SD card and micro/TF SD card for safe keeping.

My own 3D design. High quality printed on a 3D printer in Matt Black or Matt White PLA plastic.


Price is for a pair in your selected colour.


* Please note the original rubber feet on your n-Go are attached by hand at a general position when supplied by the manufacturer. You may therefore have to remove the back rubber feet and reposition so they are in the correct position to sit in my raisers. This is easy to do as they are held with double sided tape and just pull off and can be stuck back on by you in the correct place (so in a better and correct position than you received on you n-Go in some cases). Only needs doing once.


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