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Premium White Paint Primer. Use with Fluorescent UV, Glow In The Dark Etc

Premium White Paint Primer. Use with Fluorescent UV, Glow In The Dark Etc

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Waterbased All Purpose Primer.

A premium white primer which can be used on Wood, Paper, Card, Plaster, Metals (including steel, iron, aluminium, copper brass and more), Most plastic, glass and most dry, grease and dust free surface.
Use to compliment UV fluorescent and glow in the dark paints by using as the base coat.

Allows paint to stick well and give the best final colour and glow.

This paint does not glow in the UV blacklight it helps make the best of your other paints that glow.

Waterbased, low odour, low VOC.

Do not paint when temperature will be at or below 7 °C during painting and drying.

Paint light or dark items using a paint brush, sponge or over stencils.

Can also be thinned out with a small amount of water to run smoother if required.

Use it to paint under the areas that you are painting with a fluorescent or glow in the dark paint so that they really jump out with glow.

    This is NOT glow in the dark \ fluorescent paint.
    It does not glow itself .
    You need to apply glow in the dark or fluorescent paint over the top.
This is a white paint to go under such paints to help the paint on top glow.
Paint is water based, not solvent.

Once dry and fixed it is water resistant. Until dry can be removed with simple soap and warm water. After it dries it cannot be removed.

Please note that this is not intended as a fabric paint (see my other auctions for that), but can successfully be used if thinned with a little water and the items is not to be flexed or washed.

What should it not be painted on?
  - Hair
  - Skin
  - Toe Nails
  - Finger nails
  - Anything you do not want it permanently attached to
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