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Temperature Colour Change Thermochromic Pro Paint

Temperature Colour Change Thermochromic Pro Paint

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Changes colour at 30c from opaque coloured to translucent. 

In temperatures below 30c the colour is strong and items (patterns, pictures or other colours) are hidden underneath. However above 30c it turns almost clear (translucent) in seconds so anything beneath can be seen.

This temperature change can be caused with a person's breath, holding it in their hand, put in a pocket, held next to a hot liquid or even in a hot car on a very sunny day etc. 

 Below 30c and it changes back in seconds.

 Below 30c you can see the colour, above you cannot - it's like magic and is created using a chemical / physical thermochromic effect. 

Once cool it goes back to its original colour in seconds (over and over again).

This Zuperpaint Pro is Acrylic Polymer water based. 

Can be removed with simple soap and warm water until dried.

Quick drying, permanent, flexible and water resistant when dry. 

Can be over painted with clear acrylic car lacquer (but not nail varnish).

Can be painted on (but not limited to): 

 - Canvas 

 - Cardboard

 - Paper 

 - Wood

 - Other non-oily porous surfaces.


NOT suitable for painting mugs and similar surfaces as it would peel off once dried / in a dishwasher.

Please Note: The 30ml jars are shown in the photograph. This sale is for a jar of your selected size.

This paint is darker when dry than when in liquid form.

Please Note: Black paint. This has a very dark grey colour rather than a jet black. A true jet black is not available.

The paint when in liquid form is grey. This is not the final colour, when dry it is much darker. 

WARNING: This paint is not a high temperature paint. Like engine lacquer or exhaust paint is. It would become damaged and burn off where such paints are used. It is intended as a special effect colour changing paint where it is likely to reach a temperature where you could comfortably touch the item with your hand without feeling discomfort. 
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