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Thermochromic Temperature Colour Changing Neon Acrylic Paint

Thermochromic Temperature Colour Changing Neon Acrylic Paint

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This is a great thermochromic neon paint which changes colour at 31c.

Below 31c it is the darker colour. But above 30c it changes to a bright neon colour.

It's like magic. Many methods could change the colour.

For example:
 - spraying with hot water and it is one colour. Cold water and it changes back to the original colour.
 - Touching the paint with warm hands.

 - In a hot car or hot room temperature.
 - Taking it out from a hot location and putting it in a cold one.
 - Touching against a hot radiator.

Basically anywhere that will make the temperature of the paint change to the required amount.

It is a high quality water-based acrylic paint.

Apply with a brush, sponger or roller.

It could also be thinned with a little distilled water and used in airbrush equipment.

Once dried it is hard wearing and water resistant.

Until dried it can be cleaned off hand and brushes etc with water.

Non-toxic. In UV blacklighting it will glow bright fluorescent.

For use outdoors or in areas of high sunlight UV it is recommended that a clear UV protective varnish topcoat should be applied.

Note: Low light-fastness, can fade if exposed to prolonged strong UV light. Therefore best suited to indoor use.

You should avoid exposure to strong sunlight and ultraviolet light, to prolong working life.
It is non-toxic.

WARNING: This paint is not a high temperature paint. Like engine lacquer or exhaust paint is. It would become damaged and burn off where such paints are used. It is intended as a special effect colour changing paint where it is likely to reach a temperature where you could comfortably touch the item with your hand without feeling discomfort.
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