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TrooGlow Glow in the dark with fluorescent UV ReActive Blacklight Powder

TrooGlow Glow in the dark with fluorescent UV ReActive Blacklight Powder

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Pigment powder: Coloured in daylight, Glows in Fluorescent blacklight AND Glows In The Dark.

Our TrooGlow powder has a glow that is in the same colour range as it is in daylight and in fluorescent light. So for example a blue in day light has a blue glow in the dark colour. A red in daylight has a red glow in the dark and so on.

The other powders that we sell which have colour in daylight and glow in the dark may have a different glow colour to the day colour. Check the photos in those adverts to see what the variations are.

TrooGlow pigment fluorescent Glow In the Dark powder.

Note that different colours have different brightness levels and glow time. From green and agua being the best down to purple (violet) and red having a short glow time and brightness.

The pigment powder has a strong colour in daylight. Then glows brightly in the same colour when viewed in Ultraviolet blacklight (the purple lights that are found in bars, nightclubs, glow parties and funfairs). Once charged with light it then glows in the dark in the same colour type. The better the charging light the better the glow intensity.

Very fine particle size so ideal for mixing with resins, varnishes and other liquids. Ideal for airbrush use, making jewellery and fine artworks.

Glows while the blacklight is turned on, and glows in the dark when the light is turned off. Glows best with blacklight bulbs that have a wavelength of 365nm, but will still have a glow at higher ultraviolet wavelengths and with UV LEDs.

It is non-toxic, non-radioactive. Can be charged over and over again almost indefinitely and will keep working for over 10 years.

This is our TrooGlow fluorescent pigment (we also have a Standard version and Ultra version of glow powders with day colour in our store).   

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