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Ultra ZGlow Glow In The Dark Fluorescent UV Blacklight react pigment powder

Ultra ZGlow Glow In The Dark Fluorescent UV Blacklight react pigment powder

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Pigment powder: Coloured in daylight, Glows in Fluorescent blacklight AND Glows In The Dark

Our Ultra range has the absolute best glow and highest quality possible.  It is even better than our standard range of products - and they are very good.

The pigment powder has a strong colour in daylight, then glows brightly in the same colour when viewed in Ultraviolet blacklight (the purple lights that are found in bars, nightclubs, glow parties and funfairs). Once charged with light it then glows in the dark (see photos for the colour that each glows in the dark).
The colour selection is the day colour, not the colour that it glows.

The better the charging light the better the glow intensity.
A very fine particle size so ideal for mixing with resins, varnishes and other liquids. Ideal for airbrush use, making jewellery and fine artworks.
Glows while the blacklight is turned on, and glows in the dark when the light is turned off.
Glows best with blacklight bulbs that have a wavelength of 365nm, but will still have a glow at higher ultraviolet wavelengths and with UV LEDs.
Note that the red in our range is more of a household Brick red than a Pillar Post Box red (as a deep red like that is not possible). This should be taken in to account when ordering and considering if it meets your needs.

It is non-toxic, non-radioactive.

Can be charged over and over again almost indefinitely and will keep working for over 10 years.

(Note the magenta, deep blue and purple\violet do not glow as bright as other colours).
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